How To Know If Your IT Recruiting Firm Is Committed to You

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Tech Talent

This guide will walk you through the steps of choosing a staffing partner that will revolutionize your hiring experience and leave you feeling confident in your ability to find the IT talent you need.

Have any of these thoughts crossed your mind recently? 

“I need a partner, not a resume factory, to get the right candidate fit from a skills and culture perspective.”

“I can’t find the right people and am overwhelmed by too many applicants.”

“I don’t have time to manage the application, onboarding, oversight, and review of contract employees.”

“Is our staffing agency really committed to us?”

When you’re looking for a staffing partner to help find the best project consultants (or evaluating your current staffing partners), it’s imperative to find experienced tech recruiters who are committed to helping you find the right fit for your team and your overall advancement. 

With more than 200,000 tech recruiters in the United States today, asking yourself the following questions is a good place to start to know for sure if your recruiter is truly committed to your team’s success.

“Do they provide quality IT recruiting services?” 

A committed staffing partner will focus on quality over quantity, every time. They’ll have access to tools, technology, and resources to deliver a superior experience. 

To us, quality service means:

  • Listening to your needs and goals
  • Responsive and reliable expertise
  • Routine check-ins, with you and your IT consultant
  • Fast access to a highly-qualified candidate pool

“Over and over again Artemis comes through with the best resources for our needs. I think this comes from listening to (and perhaps helping us figure out) exactly what we’re really looking for, plus an unparalleled ability to identify resources to fill those positions.”

Bill C.
smiling tech professional between two monitors

“Have they been able to successfully match potential candidates with the right roles?”

A committed IT Recruiting firm has proven experience delivering the right professionals for your project needs. 

When your staffing partner has your best interests at heart, they’ll present one or two of the best candidates rather than a stack of twelve resumes that are hit-or-miss — and will take the time to explain why these candidates would be successful for your project. 

“Very fast turnaround of qualified candidates who have made a tremendous difference in our project team’s progress. They regularly check in with project leaders to make sure things are on track.”

Kelvin S., IT Project Manager

Artemis matches IT consultants based on technical skill and cultural fit, resulting in a 95% retention rate. 

With an established (and extensive) network of IT professionals, Artemis clients receive high-quality candidates in 48 hours or less. Plus, these candidates:

“They understand my needs and deliver several options on a regular basis. They also make sure to connect to ensure the placed IT consultants are performing as expected. I have recommended Artemis to several of my colleagues.”

Jessica D., Director of IT, Project Management
woman researching on laptop

“Are they knowledgeable about the latest trends in the industry?”

Your IT Staffing provider should bean expert in tech talent who play a big role in helping your business adapt to — and advance in — the ever-changing tech landscape.

As a result, you can feel confident that your company will stay ahead of the competition.

Artemis recruiters are subject matter experts in specific technology verticals. They are heavily involved in industry events and groups to keep a pulse on all things tech, all the time. 

“Many staff support leaders do not follow up with details. Artemis invests in communication. While many also disconnect, the Artemis team keeps in touch to what is happening in my world and the industry. Artemis, in any capacity, is an asset.”

– ERP Director, Manufacturing/Chemical Company
two women chatting over coffee

“Does this partnership feel like a relationship?”

You can tell your recruiting firm is committed to you if it feels like a supportive relationship, rather than a transactional one. 

A committed staffing partner will be in it for the long haul, nurturing your relationship with collaboration and trust. 

Your tech recruiter shouldn’t only show up every now and then, looking to meet a quota or make a quick sale. Ongoing communication will ultimately deliver strong results.

For more than 30 years, Artemis has been building long-term authentic relationships with clients and candidates. In fact, most of our client relationships are at least 5 years old — and we’ve never lost a partnership. 

“They work to build and maintain relationships which means I look forward to many more years of collaboration.”

– ERP Director, Manufacturing/Chemical Company

The Final Question

Finding the right tech recruiter can be a challenge. With these indicators in mind, you can be sure that your IT Recruiting firm is dedicated to helping you find the best tech talent and giving your company a competitive edge.

At Artemis, we often hear companies balk at the thought of adding yet another staffing partner to their roster. Aren’t you all the same? They think.

And we smile, because as committed IT Recruiters we can confidently answer:

“No, not all staffing partners are the same. Artemis provides quality recruiting services and the best tech talent in the industry. At Artemis, we truly believe that relationships are critical to success.”

So if your current staffing partner has you questioning their commitment to you, save time and money with a new partner who demonstrates it every day. The only question you’ll ask yourself is “Why did I wait so long to partner with them?”

Considering a new IT recruiting partner? Let’s talk!

“I have five traits I look for in a recruiter: (1) Personable (2) Professional (3) Honest (4) Understanding of client needs (5) Knowledgeable about the IT market. It is evident that the Artemis recruiting team is very connected to the ERP account base and knows what is in the pipeline for potential work for consulting or perm placements. Artemis checks off all the traits on my list!”

–  SAP Platinum Consultant

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